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  1. Thanks for the post, but I need a hyperlinked image, not text.
  2. In the Chrome Evernote extension, I'm given the option to saved a Youtube video when on a Youtube page. It results in an image such as this: If I click it, it takes me to the Youtube video like any other link. I can't edit or copy it. The Firefox extension does not give me this option. How can I manually add a picture link such as this to a note?
  3. My hobby is art, and I often find inspiring images online. My "Art inspiration" folder on my computer is a bulging, unorganized mess. I want to start using Evernote to save images from the web. Issue 1: Monthly upload limit. 60MB is far too little for me, so to bypass this I'll be linking images from the web. I can attach images to notes by dragging them onto the note from my browser. If the note is already online, does this count for my upload limit? Or is it (as I hope) simply linking to and showing the image from the web? Does this work the same for the web, desktop, and mobile clients? Issue 2: Poor support for clipping images. The web clipper has a Right Click > Clip image option, but it can only send a single image to a note straight to the default notebook, without letting me tag it on the fly or anything like that. The only option I can see is to manually create each note, drag my images to the note (which is a pain with my smaller monitor, as I have to split my browser into two windows to see both the note and image), and name/tag the note then. Am I missing something? Is there better support than I see for clipping web images? Issue 3: URL association. When I save an image, I also want to save the URL of the page where I found it. If I must manually create a note like in Issue 2, how can I manually associate a URL with a note as if I had clipped it from the web? I'd prefer this over pasting the URL into the note body. If the URL already exists, I can edit it. But I don't see how to add the URL in either the web or desktop clients.
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