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  1. i cant seem to find the notes (if someone share them with me) in my evernote notebook/notes. Anyone encountered the same issue?
  2. When someone share/workchat a note to me, how do I save it in my personal notebook in android or pc? Here is the situation I encountered. When I share notes to friends using iOS, they can see my notes in their welcome screen. But when they share notes to my evernote on Android / PC, I cant find those notes in my welcome screen. The only way I can find those notes are to "search" them. I would like to group those notes to dedicate notebooks to easily browse them. It too much of trouble having to search it everytime. Please help! Thanks
  3. I'm relying on storing information on evernote more and more lately. I ran into situations when I need to upload lots of files along with the note. Is it likely that Evernote team will introduce cloud storage like Google drive ? It will be a lot easier to find information(notes) and attachments (documents, media etc) when under one note. Thanks
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