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  1. It might not be possible to find the tag by name if it is nested under another tag. You'd have to search for something like "top tag:Important Note of Mine" to find it...and you don't know what the "top tag" is. Scroll down the left (tags) panel and see if any of your tags have a > (right arrow) next to them. This indicates that there are more tags listed beneath them. If you find one, right click and select "move to top level". Hope this helps
  2. I discovered the problem with my missing tag. It was hidden, "nested" underneath another tag. You might have to look through a bunch to find it.
  3. Installed (276665) Public yesterday. Web clipping has odd effects. Blanks the tab (Chrome) being clipped & scrambles the one to the left. Might only be happening with Facebook, but I'm not clipping FB posts but the linked articles. Clipper window is laggy & freezes up. Will try clipping other sources to see if same effect.
  4. Just noticed today. I'm running Windows ver. One tag that I use a lot is missing from the list under "tags". Evernote knows it exists, because when I try to re-create it it say it already exists. Can't find it nested under anything either. Recent update maybe?
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