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  1. It's really about integrity and brand trust. Evernote is a thief in that the company has stolen their users' time. Users have invested huge amounts of time uploading notes into Evernote, and now the company has decided to change the way the system works. I don't trust Evernote anymore, and that's a curse for a brand. I cannot invest any more of my time in Evernote by uploading more notes, because I don't know what options they will take away next. Although I can work around this change (with much inconvenience), the next change might make the system unusable for me. Evernote has broken the deal they made with me; I cannot count on them anymore. Evernote is unpredictable in my eyes. Unfortunately, I now have to spend many hours moving my information into another program/app. So Evernote has stolen even more of my valuable time.
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