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  1. Thanks Gazumped.

    Memo to Evernote: it's 2019 already.  There are a world of users outside of the US who other software products have been supporting with dictionaries for many, many years.  Sad to see another reason Evernote is falling behind the competition.  What this says to me as a user is that Evernote don't care about me.  I'm not saying this tolik be grumpy, although I feel it, I"m saying it as I've been a long, longtime user of this product & would really like it to survive.  But, it seems more and more that Evernote is pushing me away.  first the pricing for small users has jumped significantly (more significant if there's an OS exchange rate), and now this confirmation that there is still no English variant outside of US being catered for.


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  2. I can see the burger, and I can also find the "Already have an account, sign in" link".  My point is that it's disappointing as a paying customer to be made to feel second rate compared to a new customer.  The homepage seems dedicated to getting new users, and current users are a secondary consideration.  As this is a subscription service, I would have thought Evernote could devote at least part of the front page to make it easier for me to log in. 

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