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  1. EN is a great product, and it's not very much to pay, but then it doesn't give you very much either. I used Premium for about a year and then reverted to the free version and noticed very little difference regarding how I used EN, so why bother handing over even meagre amounts of cash to EN? If EN feel they need to charge for this feature then that's their prerogative, my issue is the rather dishonest and cowardly way that EN try to pass this change off as a result of market research and something that we wanted to happen. Come on EN, grow a pair and just tell users how it actually is: "Sorry, but the email facility is now going to cost a few dollars." So rather less love now I'm afraid...
  2. Got an email this morning telling me that as of 6th July emailing to evernote is to end for free users - according to the FAQ: Why is saving email into Evernote now a paid feature? Based on customer surveys and market research, we created two tiers of Evernote for our more active users. Being able to automatically turn emails into notes fit best with the needs of Plus and Premium customers. (https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/?spMailingID=11867726&spUserID=MzMwMzA1MzAyMjkS1&spJobID=580929315&spReportId=NTgwOTI5MzE1S0#!/article/94691268) According to my market research and survey (me) this a rather more like evernote trying to squeeze more dollars out of long standing users. Thanks evernote. Shame you just couldn't be more honest about this change. Hello Microsoft Onenote
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