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  1. I know this is a long time after the original question was raised, but suddenly these blue icons also appeared for a couple of my notebooks. Those notebooks were not shared, yet the blue icon indicates a shared notebook. Here's how I solved it. Select "Properties" by right-clicking on the notebook. Click on "Sharing and collaboration options" in the pop-up that arises Then publish the notebook. Then delete the URL that has just been created. That's it. The blue icon disappears. Graham
  2. The ability to have LinkedIn Context items is great - except it is a failure. When the Context system sees a name in an Evernote note it adds a LinkedIn profile link in the Context area. Sounds good? Wrong. Several people have the same name. Evernote's Context system simply guesses which one is the right one - and frequently gets it wrong. Either the LinkedIn Context connection system needs to allow Evernote users more control over which name is chosen, or the system needs abolishing. The fact that Evernote's Context system chooses the wrong LinkedIn names so many times means that this Context connection is useless. Evernote needs to make it work effectively and usefully, or just remove it. As it stands, it is useless.
  3. Aha...lightbulb moment...thank you....you said that the files may be changed in some way. They are backed up each night....so presumably that changes some flag or other making Evernote think they are new. So here's my solution. Files go into Evernote import folder which is set to Keep. At end of day backup routines using Syncovery move the files in the Evernote import folder to another shared folder meaning it is emptied each day, so at the next log on Evernote has nothing to import. It was your emphasis of the word "identical" that made me realise they are not precisely the same files because of the backup. Thanks.
  4. I need to keep the originals as they are used where Evernote is not used. So I need the files accessible for two situations. One for Evernote, one without Evernote. So the "keep" option of Evernote allows that. Disk space is not an issue. Belevedere is not an option as it is not from a recognised software source. The fault is with Evernote - if it offers to "keep" files in an import folder why does it keep reimporting files in that folder it has already imported? Surely all it does is set a flag saying the file is imported?
  5. I have two import folders set up with items set to keep. When I put a new item into those folders, Evernote imports them correctly to the correct notebook. However, if I log off my computer, or restart, or start up after a shut down, ALL of the files in the import folders get re-imported. This happens every time, with each import folder. What have I done wrong? How do I stop Evernote from re-importing files it has already imported?
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