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  1. Hi everybody, I believe it is quite annoying that images are resized to fill the page after being annotated, regardless of their previous size. It would be much handier whether the size remained fixed also after the annotation.
  2. Hello, I noticed that not all the exporting options in Evernote allows the title to be present above the content of the note. If I print a single note, the title is correctly placed above the note content. If I generate the note PDF, the title is not present anymore above the content If I export the note, for example to batch print all the notes (and I currently have problem in doing this), the title became the file title, but it is not present above the note content. Is there a way to uniform this behavior? I'm currently adding a copy of the title within the note, in 24pt Bold. In this way if I batch print all the notes I have a nice notebook divided by date/title. However, a command to select whether or not to print the note title would be nice.
  3. Hi everybody, I have a feature request. I use Evernote as a laboratory notebook, divided by year, with notes having the date as title and with tags for each project. I also have a notebook specific for scientific protocols, and I often use Note Links in each note (each experimental day) to link a specific protocol that has to be done in a specific day. I think it would be useful to have a snapshot (resizable maybe, in a code box?) of the content of a note link, without copy-pasting infinite times the content of a "protocol note". If you are working in a lab with gloves, chemical stuff, viruses, etc, the last thing you want to do is click on link on your smartphone. The lab journal app Findings is doing something similar (with the addition of time-tracking for each of the protocol steps). What do you think?
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