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  1. ". This was a Sierra feature " could we make it a all versions - feature , as its pretty standard in all apps now . please
  2. Im on Premium full paid up .. so this is a issue .. Im going to share on their facebook
  3. Hello DTLow - thanks for replying Mac Evernote (6.12.1) / and I cant see any tab related options anywhere .. this is Tab / not Tag .. yes? -- Evernote/Mac introduced tabs. We can also open multiple notes in their own windows -- this sounds amazing / where located in desktop Mac? Chuffy Puffolo
  4. I have hundreds of organized notes / and the one thing I really want is ... Open Note in new Tab / Tab Browsing / Tabbed Note / Tabbed Options / Please ..
  5. ECHOING THE SENTIMENT HERE Absolutely need more than 5 recent notes, or at least option to expand! thanks There really needs to be more than 5 notes in there. I too think this feature is a MUST
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