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  1. I just finally ditched Evernote for another, better option. Suggest those of you having issues do the same. It's quite nice!
  2. Understanding *this* is the key to good product development. You don't get to decide what someone else thinks of your product/marketing decisions. Consider giving your most vocal users what they want, which in this case is to pay to use your (generally good) product and be left alone. Agreed. I can see including new features in release notes or (at best) as a single pop-up when a new version of clipper is installed. The current system is simply annoying and does a disservice to your users. Better yet, if you've made enhancements to how a few sites are clipped, why not just let us be pleasantly surprised by this when we do eventually clip something from those sites? The current behavior is annoying and not useful at all. I'm hopeful that it will be changed in short order. Otherwise, I'll be looking forward to the revamped Notes in iOS 9. It'd be a shame to have to cancel a paid service I've used for so long.
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