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  1. I am actually livid over this. I apparently can't sync my Evernote Plus with my phone, the whole reason I upgraded. There was nothing to inform me that I was about to pay for something I could not use and apparently there is no help and no recourse. Any suggestions other than to suck up the loss of the money and work on getting over my total frustration as I plan out how I tell as many people as possible what a horrible product this is because there is NO customer service.
  2. I have paid for plus, thinking I wanted to test this out and make sure I could sync with my Samsung Note 4, Android system. Of course, I can't. But they don't tell you it doesn't work with this system and now there is no one to discuss this with. I am totally furious, not because of the money so much as the total inconvenience of the misery I went through just setting up the account - not being able to sign in on my phone and getting the usual "you have the wrong ID or password" when actually, Evernote just doesn't work with my phone. I read in another customer's comment that Evernote sucks. I agree!! totally terrible customer service. Hope the word gets out. I will certainly do my best to get it around.
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