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  1. Well, in your user's opinions, it's an annoying popup. Half of us thought its recurrence was a bug, the other half thought it was spammy. I don't think most people are seeing the part of the text where it says that this is some sort of new feature. Evernote works well enough most places I use it, so if there was something I wanted to clip, I'd just try clipping it. I never ask myself "has evernote been optimized to clip this particular site?". By all means, keep optimizing stuff - making things "just work" is what makes a product great to use. But maybe don't interrupt us every time you do it. Here are three reasons this interaction may not be working the way you imagine: * The first line is "Like this page? save it", to which the user mentally responds "yeah, duh!". It looks like a user-onboarding/tutorial message, but a totally redundant one because we probably knew the primary purpose of the plugin before installing it. Most users probably close the box before reading any further. * If you alerted for a new feature like this (but with better thought-out text) every once in a blue moon, that might be ok. But I think you must have triggers for this on several sites right now because I've seen it a lot. * I think the "has user seen this yet" variable doesn't get shared across browsers. I use evernote on three different computers (work, home, laptop) and it might explain why I've seen this popup so much if it triggers the first time I open Amazon/Gmail/PDFs on each browser. This isn't the only thread where users have complained about this. So even if there are people who go "oh, neat, maybe I should try clipping this page", how often would that need to happen to compensate for those of us who uninstall the the toolbar because we don't need any extra pop-up ads in our web browsers?
  2. I was getting this too. I forget the exact wording, but it was something like "Like this page? Clip it with evernote!" It came up randomly when opening new pages, repeatedly on the same computer. Felt like ~ once a day. I found a thread from a year ago saying that disabling keyboard shortcuts made it go away, so I'm trying that now.
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