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  1. Yes, except that I started the thread complaining about the nag popping up on my phone with a PAID version of EN every time I did a search of my notes. Ads on freeware comes with the territory - but once you pay they should not be nagging about an upgrade ALL THE TIME.
  2. Thanks JMichael. I have Plus and no such option on my phone, but if they now offer support via Twitter I guess that's my next step. I did not see that mentioned on their support pages and the announcement you linked pre-dates my signup with Evernote. Thanks!
  3. Contact Us Live chat and email assistance are available for Evernote Premium, Business, and Market customers. Contact us for support. Nope, not Plus...
  4. SebR I'd love to open a ticket but that seems to be confined to Premium users - otherwise they point you to this forum.
  5. Thanks for all the replies, but I'm speaking only of the mobile app nagging me on searches - I do have the Windows version on my computer, which is the latest as of today, but I only use the desktop app to update or add more easily to what I need on my phone for business. The upgrade to Premium nag constantly appears when I perform a search on the mobile app, obscuring part of the results & the nag has to be closed each time. I too am Jeff. The mobile version is which is the latest for my phone. I wish I could make it STOP nagging - I need to find another secure way to keep my notes on my phone that respects my choice of paid version.
  6. I have Evernote Plus and EVERY time I search for a note on my phone, the search opens with a large NAG screen wanting me to upgrade to Premium (and featues I have no use for),. I understand an occasional attempt to upsell, but EVERY time is extemely annoying considering I have paid for the product I am using. Can this be turned off? Why does Evernote think ticking off its paying customers is good business? Bill
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