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  1. Right, but it's the 2-factor authentication that needs a recovery method. I know there's backup codes, but I couldn't find where I saved mine initially and I changed my phone number so I couldn't get codes via SMS. I was basically told, sorry, you're SOL.
  2. There are many support forums that use a recovery method in some shape or form for people who can't remember their password and have no way to obtain authorization codes when they don't have a phone or they change their phone number. Luckily I was able to locate the backup codes on my Mac at work, but seriously, how difficult is it? I don't mean to be snarky, but please please please add this option!
  3. I've been trying for several days now to submit a ticket because I turned on 2-factor authentication, then got a new phone and phone number so I can't get a message with an authorization code nor do I have Google Authenticator set up. I thought I had saved some backup codes, but I'm not finding any saved anywhere. In attempting to create a support ticket, I enter in my information and the screen shows a dark overlay on the page with what should be a green spinning circle that is frozen and a "Thanks for Submitting" message that does not have a ticket # associated. I'm assuming this means th
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