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  1. Your signature does not come through on the forum. So the help center link isn't visible.. It's too bad. Since Comcast is huge, I'd think Evernote would want to sort out the "send address" issue with them. Oh, well. Looks like I'll have to use copy and paste if I want to send a note to my own address. I sent a note to a friend through Evernote as a test and it got through. Guess her ISP doesn't identify the Evernote address as spam.
  2. I'm using iOS 9.2 on an iPad. Since my husband and I share one of our emails, I tried to send a note to him using our shared email address and a different one. I received a reply that it was undeliverable. In the fine print below the notification it seemed that my ISP, Comcast, rejected it as spam. Truly weird. I contacted Comcast and all they could suggest was turning off the spam filter entirely -- not practical. I sent a test note to a friend and it got through. I can't get through to Evernote support. Every "help" I try sends me in circles. This topic is NOT covered in their articles. At this point, I'm stumped (Your link sent me to an article about Work Chat.)
  3. I am a paid Plus Evernote member but cannot send my notes via email. Why? Also, it stinks that I cannot send a query direct to Evernote. Only Premium members can do that. Not good!
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