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  1. Especially since the PDF can then be dragged to desktop, but not to Outlook where one just gets a link linke en-resource://database/20724:0
  2. @pb1983 unfortunately the only "work around" I know is to do the OCR yourself, i.e. use the ScanSnap app on a windows computer or similar. Evernote just refuses to perform the OCR on ScanSnap scans, no matter with which app they are created.
  3. On October 24th Fujitsu replied to my support ticket there that Evernote identified the problem and that they want to fix it, unfortunately without specifying a timeframe. Interesting, that to reach technical competent people one has to contact Evernote via Fujitsu, the Evernote support I contacted had a really hard time understanding that there is a problem.
  4. I'm having the same problem when uploading PDFs generated with the ScanSnap Android app to Evernote. These PDFs should be searchable with the premium account that I have. I found that when the PDF contains the metadata like the following it is NOT searchable in Evernote: If I remove this metadata the PDF becomes searchable. Of course this doesn't solve my problem as I want the PDFs to go to Evernote without me having to manually do some operations on them. I don't see why Evernote refuses to OCR documents that contain some metadata like the above, on https://help.evernote.com/h
  5. I'm just starting to use evernote and the ability to nest tags was important for choosing evernote. A feature that I also miss in the old client is that one sees all notes tagged with a subtag when choosing the supertag. I mean all "vegan recipies" are also "recipies" and I neither want to assign them both tags explicitely nor choose check all subtags when I want to find a recipy without any dietary restriction.
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