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  1. Many months ago I logged a support ticket with EN, provided all details, provided a QuickTime video of the slow typing as they requested and even provided some of my larger notes. As an ex developer myself the slowness is clearly related to EN doing background processing while we are trying to type in large notes. They have all the info they need. Just no interest in resolving it!!
  2. Ok yes - work around - just have lots of small notes. In the meantime can EN look at their code. Only in the 1980s would slowness like this be expected in a 1.1MB note! I suspect some inefficient code is at work and there is likely to be a fix with a 100x speed pay-off. Lets see. No offence intended :-)
  3. I use EN for large notes and started this thread. I have notes with 90,000 words+ and thats how I want to use it. EN is not necessarily 'designed' only to work with small notes so will JMichael kindly QUIT DOMINATING THIS THREAD!!!! I have a good use case and I want EN to be able to work with large notes and so do many others. Your voice is far too loud. EN - Kindly look at your code. I bet even with context lookup 'disabled' your code is searching the large notes while we are typing. This is the problem. Too much going on in the background while we are editing our notes. I want EN to be
  4. A clean reinstall makes no difference at all. I have just tried this. It needs a fix to the code to not carry out excessive background processing while we are trying to type our notes.
  5. Hey!! We all have a good case. There is no way we should need an SSD and the latest processors for EN to develop some software fast enough to keep up with our typing! Its comments like that that let EN off the hook for bad coding. Thats it. EN used to be a decent application and probably the best I've seen. Then they got bigger. Got sloppy. Got buggy. Ok on any half decent Mac it should be super fast. Just look at your code please EN!! Thanks and lets hope for a fix soon.
  6. Ok - EN - You are updating the card view and context (even if I've un-checked the context option) rather than keeping up with my typing!?!?!?!? Its that simple isn't it? You are doing loads of processing while we are trying to type. So as we have large numbers of notes and larger notes it all slows to an un-usable crawl. Please hire a coder who can look at this objectively. The highest priority is me typing. The next is updating the card view and only if its checked - then update the contexts. Its not rocket science!!!!!
  7. Can we all report this to EN support please to ensure the issue gets the attention it clearly needs.
  8. I'm uploading Quicktime movies of slow typing in an existing note and relatively Ok typing in a new note to EN support.
  9. There are so many people with EN for Mac deskop complaining about this. Its your code!! Its not our hard disks or Yosemite version! Its Evernote doing lots of updating stuff behind the scenes while we are trying to type I reckon (as a former dev myself). Its Yosemite 10.10.3 (14D136), 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, 121 GB Flash Storage
  10. Seriously - looking back over the posts this slow typing problem on a Mac with Evernote is still present in 6.0.13 It looks like many of us have made a huge time investment in using Evernote and paying for the premium version and we still are having to live with this!! I'm a huge Evernote fan but this is just becoming impossible to live with and all we get is "its being worked on" and "please start a new thread for the new version". DONT ASK US TO START NEW THREADS. THIS IS THE DAMN SAME PROBLEM. ITS STILL SLOW TYPING ON A MAC. PLEASE FIX ASAP ELSE I'M GOING TO HAVE TO WASTE HUGE EFFORT
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