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  1. First time poster - so I apologize in advance for "another one of those" posts. (Wait - what? This isn't reddit - and no one wants to take off my head for asking a stupid question? Awesome!) I am not 1000% sure I am using Evernote correctly, but it feels good - and I have never stopped anything that felt good. I am mostly just creating notes, and tucking them in notebooks here and there. I am mostly making generic notebooks for the various aspects of my life - and stacking notebooks within those, for the organization of those "aspects". I am going to town with tags - so that I can find stuff later.... My question is - should I be trying to use Dropbox more, in conjunction with EN? Specifically: I am in Sales - as well as Marketing. In order to juggle both jobs separately, I am attempting to go as mobile as possible. In my sales role, we use brochures (we call sell sheets) that are basically just 1-2 page PDFs about the product. There is probably about 50-60 of them I would guess. Should I put each PDF into EN - in a "Sell Sheets" folder....or should I dump them into a DB folder, and grab them on the go from there? I would be saving the additional cost of EN for now - but I know it is inevitable that I am going to have to go premium. I like that I can send the sell sheets from my email in EN - but I probably should have those come from my company email account (so I would probably have to email them from DB anyway - right?) I could change to my company email to be my EN email too - I assume. Anyway - I thought I would dip my toes into this forum, and see what the recommendations would be.
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