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  1. I think if privacy is a concern with your notes, you probably need to find another alternative than the cloud. However, at least MS hasn't explicitly stated their employees can (and will) read your notes. Which of course may be worse than not stating it...
  2. The demise started before this. But maybe it will be saved. I wouldn't judge anything based on Twitter though. The vast majority of those and the vast majority of people here bitching won't actually quit. They just like to whine and threaten. If all of the people that griped on the forums after the price increase would have really quit, it may have gotten EN's attention. But I doubt very many did. It's easy to whine on an internet forum but it takes work to leave a service you've been with for years. Don't think EN doesn't realize that.
  3. Well you're not going to know if someone reads your notes so if that's an issue for you, cancel away.
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