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  1. I want to use evernote to create an RPG world. In a real world there are objects. Objects have a number of characteristics that are made up of other objects. For instance a wizard is a person object, item is an item object, spells are spell objects and quests that he completes are a quest object. To organize all these different objects requires a logical file system. For the item object I would create an ITEM notbook. I would like to nest in that item notbook: ARMOR, CLOTHING, EQUIPMENT, WEAPONS, TREASURE and TOOLS. Then in the ARMOR notebook I would like to have the notebooks: LEATHER, STUDDED, SCALE, CHAIN and PLATE. By having this ability to organize in such a way, I would be able to store and find items, people, spells, quests, etc. easily. Is there a simple way to accomplish this or am i going to have to program this myself on my website and call it CLEVERNOTE? Thanks for all responses. Best Regards, Bryan
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