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  1. @LaFlammeNot sure how Nic Keith did it, but in case you didn't see my post from June '15 (page 9), short answer is I found two notes that caused the app to hang every time I navigated to them. Copy text - Delete note - New note - Paste text, and I've never had the problem again. But then, I only have a few dozen notes, so the two offenders were relatively easy to find. Would have been a more arduous process with hundreds of notes, though I suppose you could camp on the down arrow until it hangs.
  2. Wow, incredible to notice this thread has been ongoing for some two years. So I had the same issue crop up about a month ago after years of using EN with no latency issues. After playing with it, I realized that while the app froze randomly during use, it always froze when navigating to one certain notebook. When navigating between others, hangs were random, but with this one notebook the app hung every time. So within that notebook I navigated quickly from note to note until I found one particular note that caused the app to hang EVERY time I navigated to it. So I copied the contents (a simple grocery list template of all things) and pasted it into a txt file to save the data, then deleted the offending note. Now the app doesn't hang at all. Could it be that one note of hundreds could become corrupted and cause the entire app to hang on every startup and regularly throughout the day, on every machine? I don't know, but now it's speedy as hell with no issues, and after synching my other machines, they no longer hang as well. Maybe worth an experiment for other sufferers.
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