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  1. Hi. Thanks for the suggestion, I did not know that setting. However, the only thing that it does is to automatically save to Evernote when you click "share", instead of letting you choose which "share" method to use... It makes you save to Evernote with one tap instead of two... wow! As I read in other posts, share to Evernote sometime fails, so I would have preferred to keep a copy inside Scannable... or scans to be saved into Photos immediately, so that they would survive to Scannable crashes...
  2. I had the horrible feeling of having lost all my scans... as I shared them to Evernote, they immediately disappeared from Scannable and appeared in Evernote only 10 minutes after... But the point is: why on Earth should scans be deleted automatically from Scannable after a "share" ??? Please remove this stupid feature. I want to share, scan again, share again, etc, without worrying of scans disappearing. Then maybe one day I will delete them. Maybe. Thanks.
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