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  1. I've added my vote. My primary use case is that I use some Evernote folders to hold backups of information, emails, photos, etc. that I may want to reference at some future point in time, but that I don't access regularly. I may file things away for future reference, but not need immediate access to. Other notebooks get referenced more frequently. Also, I agree with having local data backups, however, I have my Evernote account synced to multiple devices. With over a terabyte of space on my desktop, it's easy to keep all of my notebooks local there. But on some older laptop computers with smaller harddrives, not only am I afraid of running out of space in the future, but generally speaking, the greater the percentage of harddrive space that's used up, the slower the computer runs. Obviously this isn't an excellent computer--like I said, I'm talking about old devices. That's why I'd like the ability to, say, only sync certain notebooks to older devices and all of my notebooks to newer devices with more space and speed. Especially as my Evernote database increases in size over the years, and as the number of devices that my Evernote account is connected to grows, I require greater and greater flexibility for database management.
  2. +1 I also think this is a critical feature for Evernote to incorporate.
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