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  1. Hi, just to be clear i have all the latest update available for iOS and evernote. I noticed that when i create in evernote notes with big files then in my iOS i have to keep the screen of the iphone on with the evernote app opened otherwise will not sync even in one day. This is why i think that evernote and background sync are not good friends.... Is there anyone to whom happen the same? regards
  2. I have the iphone 6. When i close the app while is syncing and i re-enter then in the status is written " contacting evernote server" ( or something like) and then it sync again.
  3. In my case if iclose the app during the syncronization then i have to open again the app otherwise in background will not work. The option to work in background is corretly activated in Ios... This background not works fine for my opinion....
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