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  1. Almost 14 months later and still no ability to sort text within a note. Apparently, the Evernote development team is deaf.
  2. Dude. Your post is unhelpful for the following reasons: You point out the post is two years old. Yet the problem still exists. Apparently, so do unhelpful responses. BTW, I noticed the date when I read the post. You say "There's lots of alternatives" and fail to point to a single one. You provide a link to an article that does not address the issue of how EN handles pasted text. I don't want to join their beta program, I want to know how to address this problem that EN has had for quite a few years. Hopefully, your next post will be more thoughtful and more helpful.
  3. I hate it when people make excuses for bad design. EN may not be a word processor,but it is a note taking program. As such, I should be able to format the notes in the way I want. Obviously this is a very popular feature, but it has not been addressed. Why not?
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