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  1. Yes, planning a Dropbox integration at some point!
  2. Yes! What other services would you like us to connect to?
  3. Hi Eric! The Transpose website is getting a facelift soon that'll include more explanatory content--you can also check out our tutorial videos at help.transpose.com! Re templates in Evernote: while you can export the text of notes from Transpose to Evernote, you can't use our templates in Evernote because Evernote is a semi-structured platform (as opposed to a fully structured platform like us). Does that answer your question?
  4. The "midnight" thing was super weird, but it's fixed now. We take them super seriously! Thanks for all the early testing Morticia!
  5. Can you send a screenshot to support@transpose.com?
  6. Yep, Evernote connection is one of the last bugs we're ironing out. Fixed soon!
  7. Hey! I'm an employee, and I can give support. There's not yet a redirect in place from KustomNote because we're working out a few kinks with Transpose, but like you said, you can log in now. Hope you like it! Send us feedback! Andrew
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