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  1. Customer service - why should I pay for premium service (or use Evernote for my business, which I was seriously considering) if I can't get punctual support? I started setting up my business thinking that I would use Evernote. I hit a snag that I thought would be easy to troubleshoot, but hours of sifting through forums, waiting for (and getting booted off, by inactivity) chat help, and multiple support tickets didn't solve the problem. I'm still waiting for the answer! Is the whole support team on vacation? Is Evernote's customer support any better for Business members? I've lost hours of my time to what seems like a simple problem (changing folder ownership), and I'm about ready to transition all my business content off evernote and just use it for web clipping. Which is a bummer, because Evernote has great security and layout. Tell me, Evernote, what's up?! My software and apps are supposed to make my workflow faster! I don't have hours to sift through forums. Please someone, help.
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