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  1. Any type of auto tagging feature would be achievable if provided with the right triggers on IFTTT. Detecting which notebook or area the note is added to. Even getting the entire hierarchy as a variable is possible in IFTTT. Auto adding tags as the output is possible if the devs added support for it. I guess I didn't read the OP as in depth, but basically I was looking for auto tagging based on note title matching.
  2. This feature can be so easily achieved. Just create hook into IFTTT and allow the user to configure tag rules based on detected input triggers.
  3. Sure. I literally want a keyboard shortcut to jump to this field instead of moving my mouse to the field. Nope, nada. It's not displaying for me.
  4. Ah, the screenshot was removed for some reason so I don't have a reference anymore of what EN Win looks like. From what I recall from your old post, no it doesn't look like what I want. The interface is too clunky and there's an existing interface for adding tags already. I just need a keyboard binding to jump to that field.
  5. Not EN WIn, but EN Mac. As you noted, it's not available on OS X, so still no solution for me
  6. @JMichaelTX Actually opt+up/down is the exact "shortcut" I was looking for and I couldn't find it documented anywhere. Thanks!
  7. Yeah unfortunately I mean those are workarounds along with the "Recent Notes" idea, but it'd be nice if Evernote implemented the proper navigation shortcuts, hence the feature request.
  8. Ok but sorting shouldn't matter given the problem. In your sort sequence, let's say you haven't modified the item in a very long time. You're trying to compare it to one you just edited. As a result, you will still have to scroll to the top to access the most recently edited one.
  9. I just tried switching to the top list view. You still need to scroll to the top to view the most recent note. As I mentioned, I have hundreds/thousands of notes between the current edited note and the most recent one. Unless you meant something else, I don't think this will work.
  10. Not sure what that is. Did you mean the "Recent notes" @JMichaelTX was talking about?
  11. I know that, but that's another thing to view which clutters the sidebar IMO. I don't want to view it regularly and have disabled it accordingly. I just need a quick way go to the top. If you have a note selected, a common navigation in text editors is to hit ctrl/cmd+up to get to the first line and down for vice versa. I was looking for an equivalent in evernote. Not the question I asked, but that's alright. Even with your view, you need to scroll to the top to see the top right? That's hard when you have a few thousands of notes, at one a few thousand down, and need to access the first one. I'm looking for a keyboard way to achieve this.
  12. I believe I have it set to side list view. Regardless of the sort method, I just meant the top ten based on your sorry. Are you able to quickly access the top item with your view?
  13. Hi, I currently have my notes sorted by creation date. It'd be great if there was a quick method to access my most recent note. I have a few ideas: Double clicking "Notes" on the sidebar. Single click = access, double click = most recent note. Keyboard navigation: Cmd + up/down. Up for latest, down for oldest. This should already be built-in as part of navigation, but I don't think it is. Also, normal up/down doesn't seem to work if I don't click the note list pane. Perhaps this is another bug.
  14. It'd be great to get usage to see if premium/plus is worth it. For instance, in the past 2 months, I've created 4.55 notes/day. Stats like that might help convince users to sign on. On another note I still think packages are overpriced or there needs to be another cost-friendly paid tier, but that's another discussion...
  15. As far as I know, this is the only way to rotate an image: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/06/07/evernote-for-mac-update-image-rotation-rename-attachments-and-more/ Right click on image Look for "Rotate image CW/CCW" Left click on menu Repeat for 180 deg turn There has to be a more efficient way and if there isn't, I'd like to request one. Doing all these steps is ridiculously time consuming for me.
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