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  1. I noticed that when using the search bar in Evernote Web, the application won't handle page reloads properly.

    Under any notebook, search for anything using specific filters, like intitle. Search results appear normally, but if you hit the reload button in the browser and the entire page is refetched from the server, the search parameters return messed up, with special characters replaced by URI escape codes. This intereferes with the search results.

    I have attached a couple of screenshots that show it. I'm a Linux user with Firefox v47, so I haven't tested in any other browser.

    Hopefully, this can be easily fixed in a near future.

    Kind regards!




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  2. I found a way to get around this by creating two separate bookmarklets on my browser.


    Each bookmarklet links to a different notebook. In this case, evn links to my preferred notebook, while evn2 links to an empty notebook. By clicking on evn2 and, right after that, clicking back on evn, that causes the note list to clear and refresh under my preferred notebook.

    I know, it's not the best solution, but until they implement a Refresh button, this is the best I could come up with.

  3. Stopped by to provide some feedback on Evernote Web Beta performance.

    Good news from my perspective. It's definitely been improving since the last time I posted a complaint about this. Load times and usability are getting better. Thank you for working on this particular problem!

    • What OS are you on?  Linux Mint 17.3
    • What browser are you on? - Firefox 47
    • What is the size of the first note that loads when you login? - 1BM to 5MB.
    • What type of content is in the first note that loads when you login? - Text and images.
    • Does slow loading happen all the time? Or is it sporatic? Sporadic. Improvements have been felt over the last few months.
    • How long did it take to load before you could interact with the UI? Around 15 seconds.
    • How many total notes do you have?- Just over 9600 notes.
    • Are you a customer of our Evernote Business offering? No.
    • What is the make & model of computer you have? Asus laptop, 4 cores CPU, 6GB RAM.
    • Do you experience this on other sites? No.
  4. I've been a premium user for over a year now and I must say the new web client feels terrible. Don't take me wrong, I don't mean to bash developers. But it does need it a better design and a better implementation. I'm a Linux user, so without a desktop client, I'm stuck with the web client.

    For one, most of the time it's slow and unresponsive. It akes a while to get used to things "loading" with the browser cramming that javascript/ajax ui.

    In my humble opinion, there is a lot of wasted space. I mean a lot! Even with custom settings to hide note thumbnails and summary, it all makes it unbearably white.

    Aside from the fact that you can only see a handfull of notes, you can only manipulate one at a time.

    The scrollbar becomes terribly slow when dealing with huge notebooks. Does it really need to load that many note items into the list (on the left)? I'd be pretty happy with paginating that list and keep it small. That's why I like the powerfull search feature! I'm not scrolling through hundreds of notes on a daily basis. If I want something, I'm searching for it.

    Managing a large number of notes deserves its own use case, a whole new layout.

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