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  1. Thank you. Do you know a bubble browser for Pdf?
  2. Hi, I'm searching an integration app which can replace MOHIO or CARDDESK. I'm searching note in a visual way like pined on a blackboard.
  3. Thanks. Installed for days, and stills; How can I force complete sync?
  4. Whenever I try to synch my notes on my new macbook air, the sync is incomplete, many directories are empty, while there full of notes on my old macbook, and on my evernote web account too, and on my iPhone is perfectly complete too. I updated all in my macbook, evernote, iOS. Reboot, de-install, re-install, clean the trash. But stills..
  5. it would be simple as possible to code IMO. if brody@nowhere.com writes to you en email to evernote than -> go to @brody #newmail notebook if sarah@example.us writes to you en email to evernote than -> go to @sarah #personal notebook otherwise go to @default notebook. this features would be great in helping me to tidy up my notebooks and my email.
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