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  1. 08:14:41 [780] Evernote for Windows (277494) Public 08:14:41 [780] Client info: Evernote Windows/277494; Windows/10.0.10586 (Win64); Many thanks for your help with this!
  2. Windows 10 and the current version (5.x?) of the Windows client
  3. I've had this same problem with the Windows downloaded client. Two things that helped me a lot... - Break up large files into smaller files. - Use "Simplify Formatting" periodically on laggy notes Evernote just couldn't handle a 50+ page note. I'm trying not to create those again, especially as the larger files also seem to be more prone to sync errors.
  4. I started having serious lag when typing in the Windows downloaded client (a delay of up to several seconds before typed text would appear on-screen). I found a couple things that helped dramatically... - Breaking very large notes into smaller notes - Using "Simplify Formatting" occasionally on notes that are particularly laggy ... but I'm curious if there are any other recommendations for keeping the Windows client moving along well? Many thanks.
  5. +1! I especially like the visible marker that the web version has completed sync, which was always a puzzlement before (and possibly contributed to some losses of data). The list view still feels a little strange and inconsistent, but I'm getting used to it. -E
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