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    Search not working

    Thank you for your reply. I'm using the web client.
  2. Search not working, beginning with notes created about a week ago and newer. I'm looking at a note that I created about an hour ago, but when I search for it, Evernote can't even find it. Any suggestions?
  3. On computer 1, I can create a new note (complete with Title & body; however, after the note is created the Title disappears), and in the List view, these fields will have the following values: Created: 1 minute ago Title: Untitled note Size: 0 kb Notebook: blank (missing info) On all my other computers, this same note will have the correct info entered for each of these values (Title, body, correct kb size, correct Notebook, functional Info button, etc.). On computer 1, the body (not the Title) content of the note shows up correctly in the "All Notes" area, but as I said, the fields shown above are showing erroneous info. Also, on computer 1, when I click the Info button (toward the right side), it doesn't even pop up. On all other computers, the Info button pops up fine with all the info. I'm running version on computer 1 (Windows 8.1). EN had been running fine on computer 1 for almost a year, and then a couple of weeks ago, all of the above mentioned problems started. I'm beginning to wonder if there's some type of problem with the computer itself, even though everything else seems to be ok. Any help would be appreciated.
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