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  1. I'd want this as well. You could preset heading objects which generate an ID based on the content of the heading. And, when a user hovers over the header, an image to the left could appear that allows you to copy the ID as a possible link. Then, you can use that id to create a link in the document that routes the user to the location of the ID. I believe Github Readme's already do this. Would be nice in note-taking for generating a table of contents.
  2. I guess they're not considering how much customer retention they're losing for not having a core feature to many. That's probably more important than gaining new clients. Yes, markdown shortcuts is exactly what I want. Nuclino (project management Wiki app) has that exact functionality, and possibly the best example I can think of. Formatting headings takes way too long for productive clean notes on Evernote. I actually use Marxico, but deeply prefer a good native solution.
  3. Markdown is an essential feature to how I take notes. I need a fast way to make headings on notes I make for books and lectures. With markdown, I simply type # for an H1 heading, ## for an H2 heading, etc. It saves a lot of time. It's an essential feature for notes.
  4. Can we get header style shortcuts like in Evernote Web? ie. ctrl+1 gives header 1 style
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