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  1. Hello folks, In the meantime I had switched around the server settings of getting reminder via email off and on again ... And look ... today I indeed have received a reminder email ... so, it seems to work again ... Thanks for your help. Yours, Stanley
  2. Hello together, I'm running Evernote Windows Client in the current (most actual) version. I'm having about 13500 notes in my database and use Evernote since 2014. I am used to set reminder dates to several notes. So I get reminded by email to my evernote mail adress. So I get a new note in my evernote inbox, which contains a list of alle my notes with today as reminder date. These remindere emails are not send anymore. I get those reminder as notifications (as you also get when importing a file from an import folder). These remindere emails are not too big to be blocked. These reminder emails are not stopped by a spam filter. These reminder emails simply are not sent. I don't get those new reminder notes anymore. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a known bug referring to this feature? Does anybody out there have an idea how to fix that? Yours, Stanley
  3. Hello to all out there, I'm using Evernote Windows client and iOS client. I try to figure out how I can get the most out of evernote's reminder emails. a ) Perhaps I have missed it, but is there view of "all notes with reminders", "all notes with open reminders" or "all reminder emails"?? I am missing that feature, especially in the Windows client. b ) Emails without notebook-specific headlines and even the reminder emails send by Evernote itself are not always imported into the "default" notebook, where nearly all emails are imported into. I sometimes find Evernote's reminders in different notebooks where "related" or "similar" content is hosted ... and therefore miss them :-( So, how do I get better control of my reminders? How can I stop missing those reminders? Thanks in advance, Juergen from Kiel (northern Germany)
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