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  1. How do we add horizontal lines in iOS? If this isn't supported for some odd reason, how do I request it?
  2. How do I Remove HTML markup in note? I paste from various sources to created a single note around a topic, but the text has different formatting that I can't remove with text size and font. In Google there is a Tx button that removes markup from anything you have highlighted. Is there something like this in Evernote?
  3. NOTE: Important information can be lost and was lost using the encrypted feature in Evernote. We have two MacBooks and iPhones. Recently, when unencrypting important information in Evernote on both, encrypted notes text was deleted when un-encrypting. We have not been able to recover this data and hesitant to unencrypt until a fix is known. We would greatly appreciate any support in this manner. Thank you.
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