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  1. Let's be honest, Evernote Premium is not cheap. I'm happy to pay good money to unlock the full Evernote experience as well as support a development team that I really believe in, but I don't think Premium users should still be hassled to upgrade. Part of why I pay for a piece of software is so I can be free of clutter that asks me to pay for the software. I'd like to request that Evernote removes the "Upgrade Your Team" from the sidebar for Premium users. Please be classy about this, Evernote. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  2. Evernote has become my second brain, and I rely on it daily to manage my GTD system. I love the desktop app for Mac OS; the keyboard shortcuts are very well thought-out and it makes it very quick to manage hundreds of notes. I've recently switched much of my work over to a Chromebook, and it's been really disappointing to try and use the Evernote Chrome Web app. It's clearly just a port of the Android software. I know there's been a couple feature requests so far for better Chrome support, but I just wanted to voice my support here again. Chrome OS is very much a growing platform and I hope
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