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  1. Just in case, I was able to fix this by removing gdipp, I had installed it on windows 7 to smoother fonts on the system. But on windows 10 it makes fuzzy fonts.
  2. Hello friends, I`m using Evernote Plus and got an issue within the last update. My editor fonts are fuzzy just as the screenshot shows. Windows 10 - AMD Ati Radeon 6200 (Video card - last drivers form AMD 15.12) Already tried the DPI fix in compatibility and also have a Dell notebook, with Windows 10 and the same version of Evernote, with no glitches. Thanks in advance
  3. The 'last word' about implementing new features by Evernote Developers are only defined by them? I mean, is there a way to show the needs with votes or something like it? @gazumped thanks for the info, I'll search Transpose too
  4. I was thinking, we can do almost everything in the evernote format bar, but if we could make predefined patterns to shorten the edition time? I have a note which I put my call logs and update my job's status, but everytime I add something, I have to manually format it again. The feature will have default options, like H1, H2, H3, Paragraph, Comment and stuff like this just for faster editing. What about it?
  5. Oh hello Evernote have tags and the comment feature in the webclipping extensions, did you check it out? Best regards
  6. Hello, I really love EvernoteClipper, using it everyday. I'm trying to integrate all my bookmarks and 'readlater' stuff into one place: Evernote, so I would stop using diigo bookmarks So why not get a ReadLater button, which adds an automated reminder (configurable) and closes the browser tab when its done? Thanks in advance for the attention.
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