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  1. Before the latest version, I could select multiple emails and import them all into Evernote at once. Now when I select multiple emails, the add-on grays out and cannot be used. Seems like a loss of functionality. For me, tagging and organizing inside Evernote is a lot more efficient than doing them one by one through the (now much slower) Outlook add-on. Is there still a way to mass-import emails?
  2. Unless I am misunderstanding you, this feature already exists. If you have selected a Notebook, you can then search on only those Notes in that NB, using Tags or other search criteria. Just make sure in the Search Box it says "Search Current Context". This can be set/changed by clicking on the Search magnifying glass icon. Try using the "Jump to Tags" window using SHIFT-ALT-T I've already set "Search Current Context" in the search box, but that's really only useful when you know exactly what you're looking for. The same goes for the "Jump to Tags" function. You really need to have a specific thing in mind before that becomes a useful workflow. When you're reviewing multiple tags, jumping back and forth, or generally just browsing through different sets of notes, the left explorer bar is the only visual representation you have that offers a complete model. Clicking a new tag here will actively deselect the notebook you were working in. So between each desired data set (a given list of notes I'm reviewing), I have to click my notebook (now I see ALL notes, conceptually disruptive), and then CTRL click the desired tag(s). I just want an easy (i.e. fast) way to browse multiple different tags or tag sets within a single notebook. The current model seems to assume that you set your notebook and tags and then don't really have to change them; or, if you do need to change them, it is only to further narrow your search. For the record, I have already set up a number of saved searches for my most common tag sets. This is useful, but limited: you can only have so many saved searches before they become cumbersome.
  3. Since upgrading to 5.8.8 it seems like my bigger notes take a few seconds to load when I click them in my list, even if I'm just using arrow keys going one by one (no predictive loading?). It seems directly proportional to the size of the note, which isn't surprising, but I never noticed the delay before installing this latest version. So I'm posting here because maybe others will have had the same experience. If not, this post will whither and die, and I will request an SSD for my work laptop.
  4. And can we restore sticky notebooks, too? Having to reselect the same notebook every time I change tags is so painful...
  5. Feature Request: Create a setting or preference for "sticky notebooks" such that Evernote does not forget my selected notebook when I change my tag selection. Reasoning: I think of Notebooks as containers. This is how we segregate entire groups of notes. And then Tags are identifiers. I use them to filter what I'm looking at and switch between various tag configurations frequently. When I use EN, I typically work in only one notebook at a time and jump across numerous tags to organize my work and get things done. Selecting a Notebook in EN5 no longer sticks, such that every time I change tags I need to reselect my Notebook "container" over and over. I have set up some shortcuts for my most frequently used tag combinations, but this only gets me halfway there at best. I just want EN to remember which Notebook I'm working in when I change my tag selections. It is currently very frustrating and time consuming to have to constantly ctrl+click the same notebook again and again and again. Seems odd to me that "identifiers" are given the exact same functionality as "containers" when they are clearly different things. For example, you cannot create a new note that lives only in a tag; it MUST live in a notebook and a tag is a secondary attribute that may be associated.
  6. I would just like to add my voice in support of those using The Secret Weapon to Get Things Done with Evernote (EN). I am implementing this system right now and find the tag selection UI to be non-intuitive and cumbersome. Putting GTD and TSW, it just doesn't make sense to lose notebook selection when selecting tags. Does EN feel that Notebooks and Tags are both containers? I should think Notebooks are containers and Tags are identifiers. Critically: 1. Selecting "Search Current Context" in the search bar does not fulfill this need. In fact it seems broken; changing the search setting either way does not seem to alter my search results. 2. I am constantly flipping between tags to review different items. Having to Ctrl+Click the desired notebook in addition to the desired tag is a HUGE efficiency loss. I can't see how these problems aren't applicable to people who aren't using GTD or TSW. Feature Request: Please provide a preference option for "sticky" notebooks.
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