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  1. Close EN and came back in without seeing problem. I hope that it does not show up again. Interestingly after opening EN after the earlier re-install, not today's, I did not close EN before re-booting. I will see what happens after a EN and a re-boot. Regarding my sync issue. Thanks for the suggestion. Both notes display the same error, see below. I tried deleting the note, moving to trash, and both still show up.
  2. I re-booted my PC and when I started Evernote the following displayed. Note, not search bar Re-installed the software and the following normal display appeared. Is there a way to manually get this view to display? Seems like that should be easy enough though when I looked I could not find it.
  3. I upgraded and Evernote is completely useless. I literally can not do anything. There is no search bar. Ctrl Q displays a place to search and then simply goes away. I depend on this product and now can not use it. build (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770) Ctr Q Results when press enter key. Nothing. The sync issue is one file that I can never find, but syncs work except for one file, so that is not the issue. I closed out and started app back up, no change. Guess I will have to completely uninstall and reinstall and hope that gives me a search bar.
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