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  1. I'm using the free version so am unable to submit a bug report/support request. It's a combined iTunes/App Store popup. Since it only comes up when I'm starting the Evernote app, I inclined to believe Evernote is the instigator. Version is If I delete the app, that won't delete all my notes, will it -- or do I have to export/import them or something?
  2. Title says it all; every time I tap on the evernote icon on my iphone, a pop-up requests my itunes login. I cancel it and can use the app, but it's unnecessary and irritating. How can I make it stop?
  3. I'm having the same problem. What do you mean by "turn on app download on the phone" ?
  4. I did scroll; there is no 'more' button. I'm referring to being in the camera roll. I select a photo and tap 'next'. There is no Evernote option, and there is no 'more' option. The top row of options is as I previously posted. The bottom row of options contains only: copy, slideshow, assign to contact, use as wallpaper, print. Perhaps there is a setting or it's a limitation of the phone-- iphone 4, ios 7...?
  5. Thanks for the additional posts. Please not where I previously posted: The question has been resolved for me. Again, thanks for the contributions.
  6. The share icon shows only: Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr. Evernote is not listed as a share option. How do I get Evernote to be listed as a share destination?
  7. I have some pictures in my camera roll. Is there a way to get them into a note in Evernote? Is it possible to add more than 1 picture to a note? Would it be a "copy" or a "move"? OT, how do questions get marked "Answered"--am I supposed to do that, and if so, how?
  8. Thanks, again Scott, for the helpful information. The 3 notes displayed are not the most recently edited, nor are they alphabetical. The selection criteria is nowhere made clear. Brief experimentation leads me to think that it is likely the 3 most recently accessed notes. Which sort of makes sense, I guess.
  9. Thanks for the explanation, Scott. Yes, having unwanted links applied to my text is intrusive. If there's no means for removing it permanently, however, there's probably nothing to be gained by going into details.
  10. In one of my notes I have the word "tonight". It keeps getting hyperlinked on my iphone. I couldn't get the link removed on the phone. I finally managed it (after way more work than it should be, stupid interface) on my PC. It keeps coming back on the phone. Really damned annoying. I'm not editing the note, just opening it to read. Please tell me there's a way to fix this and how to do it for once and all.
  11. I have one notebook containing 6 notes. When I open the app on my iphone, I see only Notes, and only 3 notes. They are not the 3 oldest notes, nor are they the 3 newest notes, nor are they in alphabetical order. Why/how is it picking the 3 apparently random notes it's displaying? I want them in alphabetical order. (If I go to the 'All Notes' screen, I do see all the notes in alpha order there.) I'd also like to see more than 3 notes on that initial screen. Is there anyway to get this?
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