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  1. The note is well over 15-30 minutes old. Search string verified, see my note in previous post about additional testing and results. If both the phone and desktop app use the same database on Evernote servers, than wouldn't re-indexing via desktop client work?
  2. I don't think I can do that. What information are you wanting to see? I did some further testing... I have four Notebooks; 1 is shared and 3 are private. The note I wanted to find is in the shared notebook. If I "search in all notes" the note I want is not found. A note from one of the private notebooks is found, so the search is working, but incompletely. If I "search in shared" i.e., the shared notebook, the search results do contain the note I wanted. 'Search in all notes' should search the notes in the shared notebook, right?
  3. This is on both the iphone app and a Firefox browser running under Windows 10. A simple text search is not returning the document it's in. I saw something about re-indexing, but I can't figure out how to do that on both devices. I'm not sure that's the problem, but it could be a place to start.
  4. I'm using the free version so am unable to submit a bug report/support request. It's a combined iTunes/App Store popup. Since it only comes up when I'm starting the Evernote app, I inclined to believe Evernote is the instigator. Version is If I delete the app, that won't delete all my notes, will it -- or do I have to export/import them or something?
  5. Title says it all; every time I tap on the evernote icon on my iphone, a pop-up requests my itunes login. I cancel it and can use the app, but it's unnecessary and irritating. How can I make it stop?
  6. I'm having the same problem. What do you mean by "turn on app download on the phone" ?
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