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  1. Thank you for responding. The Delicious converter seems to require the input to follow Delicious's schema, and using Easy XML would require me to know what Evernote expects in its XML. I searched for what's available before asking, and there are various converters, but I found none that look like they'd know what to do with the HTC Notes XML. There are instructions for migrating from HTC Notes to Evernote, but they require a sync, which was apparently something only present in later incarnations of HTC Notes. I have converted the XML to CSV as a possible intermediate step, and the header line is: _title,_body,_categoryName,_createtime,_modifytime,_remindtime,_password,_voicepath,_paintpathIt would be great if someone could take that and feed me some one-time script that converts to .enex format. BTW, is there any way to import using the web client? I don't regularly use Mac or Windows anymore.
  2. I am migrating from an old HTC phone to a Samsung. The HTC Notes app was so old that it had no sync options. I had a bunch of notes there which I have now exported as an XML file. I would like to import them into Evernote. How may I convert them?
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