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  1. all resolved simply by re-logging Thanks advice
  2. Thanks for the reply I try to answer following the course of your questions yes, phablet purchased in December 2014 Android device Samsung Note 4 I have not signed anything for the subscription to Evernote because device taken in the online store Amazon Yes, I have an Evernote account active maturing in December 2015 (see attached picture) Never changed or created after the account account I already tried to re-login to evernote both phablet that computer without getting solution of the problem .. Try to do fresh install of evernote on PC can serve? I hope to have clarified a little better the situation ... I'm available for further clarification, in the hope of arriving at a solution .. Bye
  3. Greetings to all the forum I hope it's the appropriate section, do not speak and write English so sorry for the mistakes I use the translator of google Use evernote is the device that Note4 on pc The program was offered in the premium version for one year with the purchase of the device, my notes 4 has 5 months old My evernote I do not allow any operation...... that the error appears to me .. Solution?? Thanks P.S. I have the premium version
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