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  1. Hi guys, I had downloaded evernote about 3 years ago and used it for like a month for an exhibition I had to attend with my company and I needed to save business cards. I am now working on a different company and we have so many business cards that we need to scan and place in evernote. My question is: is there a way to export these cards in a csv form in order to place names and email addresses to mailchimp? I am using a mac and I noticed through the iphone 6 there is the option of saving business cards to contacts but there is no such option on my mac. The problem is that there are more contacts on my iphone contact list that I don't need to add them all to the same list. Is there a way to add different contact list with only the business cards I need? I want to get the premium account but I need to know if I can achieve this before I proceed with a purchase. Thanks in advance.
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