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  1. Thanks everyone for pitching in with your feedback. @Rgrenader : Apparently, this current one is for $2/month but I tdon't think somebody would be spending $100 each month on just the add-ins. Even if they add multiple addons, most of them cost for $5 or less /month. @gazumped. Yes, absolutely true. Such apps add more value to Evernote that's why I was interested in this particular one. @DutchPete. Can't agree with you more on this. No app is perfect and will ever be complete for sure. There are tons of ways to use and integrate with other apps. But my original question stays unaswered, does anyone has personally used this gmail integration utility?
  2. It is a third party discussion page / forum, isn't it ? Or am I posting it wrong?
  3. Just wondering that has anyone tried Collabspot chrome extension that integrates Evernote with Gmail? If yes, that how does it stand off with PowerBot, Clipper and IFTT?
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