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  1. Oops -- looks like you missed my point entirely! I don't really care about the device limit issue. But I do care about the crappy design! We Basic Account users are so annoying, aren't we? I'm so glad you took the time out to point that out. ;-)
  2. Unfortunately the design still sucks. Now I am being told I must upgrade in order to continue to use Evernote on all 3 of my devices (only 2 allowed with the free version). On principle, I refuse to pay until the design improves. I love the functionality of Evernote but the design is so bad it makes me angry. Clearly people who work in the bland gray world of cubicle land designed this thing. Evernote, let in some color! Let in some life!
  3. It's been well over a year now since I upgraded to the horribly ugly, bland version of Evernote. Whose idea was it to make it all pale shades of gray? I thought perhaps I'd get used to it but I still hate it. Why not allow users to customize their own color scheme? I live in a world of color and yet when I launch Evernote it's like being on the moon or in an institution -- bland and boring. Yuck. Please allow us to bring color into our Evernote lives. At this point, I'm reedy to jump ship to any other app that gets this. Evernote doesn't seem to be listening. Recommendations welcome.
  4. Can anyone tell me how to revert back to a previous version? I believe I was on 6.0.9 before upgrading a few days ago to 6.0.11. I hate the new design, plus there bugs that are seriously disrupting my workflow. I was happy with the previous version. If anyone can tell me how to do this, I would appreciate it. I'm on a Macbook Pro.
  5. Discovering more problems with version 6.0.11. I use Evernote to take client notes. I used to be able to copy and paste my notes directly from Evernote into an email (Mac Mail) and it would work perfectly. Now the formatting is all messed up, bulleted lists in particular. I'm really disappointed... I've recommended Evernote to so many people. I really hope these design and functionality issues get fixed soon.
  6. I thought something had gone horribly wrong when I just updated to version 6.0.11 on the Mac. It's so god awful ugly I thought the interface must surely still be loading... but no. Apparently someone thought this was ready for prime time. IMO it looks like a sketch, not a finished product. Please fix asap, Evernote. My favorite app just became unbearable to look at. This is taking simple design too far.
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