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  1. I found a solution to this myself. I stopped using EN. It's a pointless piece of software if that which it offers is a lie. I have been very happy switching to another product which actually works as described. I no longer get sync queries where I have to decide which was being edited last. No more table issues and no more font changes on every paragraph edited on other platforms. So basically like EN but acutally works.
  2. I have tried posting a graphic here to explain what I see but alas I cannot since it has to be in my media library which I don't seem to have. I really thought JMichael had cracked for me but it was the same except the formatting was a litte better. The table [cells and shading] are offset to the right of the text already provided. Any text I do type in also appears on the left. So cells on the right and text on the left with overlap in the middle.
  3. Thanks for that too FactMan but it's not really a help as I can't get text into the cells of a table. Rows do not align with the columns above when you paste tables in so there is no point in adjusting something that is not working in the first place. Sure I'll have a look but it's safer to assume that actually puting text into the cells has not been fixed which after all seems to be just a bit fundamental.
  4. Thanks gazumped. Shame to make themselves look bad by including something that doesn't work. I fear paying for something that still doesn't work and would be inconvenient at best in a multi-platform setting as I am, would seem like masochism. Best keep looking for a real app then I guess.
  5. If I post a table from the toolbar I cannot easily add text. The behaviour is not consistant. A cursor never appears in any cell. If I accidentally select more than one cell and type the others are deleted. I tried pasting in a table from excel and the problems are similar. The text in pre populated cells appears but adding text is not in the same cell structure. I see no way to use tables and I'm surprised that they are allowed to be used if they appear to be pointless and unsupported. Can anyone explain what rules if any these table use rather than the ones accepted in the known universe. Please.
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