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  1. I have a free account for Evernote. For some years now. That's right, I haven't paid for a subscription yet. There's a reason for that. Now, I pretty much only use EN to clip webpages using my PC and MacBook. I have tried using EN for note taking when I'm out and about, but, using my iPad makes this all but impossible as the only font available is just too small for more than a few minutes at a time. Looking at the forums here for the first time tonight shows me that I'm not alone, nor have I been for some years now. Seems that EN is not a writer's tool if they like the mobility of the iPad. Pity. It has so many good things going for it. OneNote for iPad is making rapid strides lately... They only have to improve their web clipper, and enable resizing of text boxes, and I'm ready to adopt it.
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