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  1. Yes, that's what I'm currently doing, but it's frustrating, which is why I posted. For a program called 'Evernote', I don't think it's unreasonable to be able to take notes with it, and one of the commonest places to need to take notes would be a lecture theatre with projected slides...
  2. Yes, I tried the crop function, but unfortunately it's not the same and doesn't work for slides. I know this because I'm currently sitting in a lecture theatre trying to take notes from lectures. For a start, you can't tell there is significant camera shake until after you've taken the photo and cropped it(by which time the slides have changed). Secondly, the other lacking feature is being able to change exposure. If you're taking a photo of a PowerPoint slide, you need to change the exposure level so it's visible as the brightness of the slide within a generally darkened room fools the camera meter. Zooming in digitally would hopefully at least cause the autoexposure to change, but it would be better to be able to also change it manually (like you can with the iOS camera app)
  3. I often use Evernote at conferences and meetings and the lack of camera zoom is a real problem. If you sit too far back in a room, you can't use Evernote to snap a slide because of the lack of zoom. You have to exit, use the iOS camera, re-enter Evernote and paste it in (meanwhile your note has scrolled back up to the top, which is another issue). By the time you do this, the presenter has moved on. Please put in a pinch to zoom feature in the in-built camera! There have been threads about this for years, so it's time something was done about it!
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