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  1. Hi, I'm running a small company, and we're sorta using Evernote for everything, none of us can't seem to live without it. And we've found a way to integrate Evernote both for personal and business use. So far so good. But now i'm on my way of starting another business, totally separated from my other one, and i have one question. Is there any way, best practice or such for running two companies within the same Evernote account? Or do i have to "add another account" and switch back and forth? I want to be able to: * Create business notebooks and choose for which company the notebook should apply. * Invite colleagues who can only view information concerning the business they are with. * And for me and the main reason that i want to do this - i should be able to use, view, create and edit everything from both businesses from within the same account. * Maybe even separate invoices. I guess this isnt possible, but would be great. Since i'm already using it for my personal and professional life, it would be annoying to go search for another option for our new company, or the need to sign in / out all the time. Since i'm gonna work 50/50 with these two. Any help or point in the right direction is highly appreciated. Kind regards! / Oscar
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