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  1. I managed to solve the issue by re-installing Evernote. It saves a hyperlink in the note to the page once again, however, it still saves a screen shot as well. This did not happen before. If I have de-selected "clip full article" then what is the point of an additional screen shot with my URL?? Other than to take up file storage space? Also, I seem to remember having this problem a year ago. I've seen other people having this issue on forums. I'm confidant this is not a user error or anything non-evernote related. (Please dont ask whats my Chrome version, what URL I'm tryi
  2. I follow the usual steps: Find a web page that I like in Chrome, select Options > Share > Evernote. The green Evernote Clipper starts whirling at the bottom of the screen. The new note appears with what has been clipped, but no URL! Up until recently this new note would have contained just the URL of the page. Now it saves a screen capture and no URL. I have checked that the whirling clipper is set correctly ("Clip full article" is un-ticked). This started happening a few weeks ago. Anybody else experiencing this? Evernote ver. 7.9.3
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